Comments From Satisfied Customers

  • So I just tried your product this morning and all I can say is WOW! I am a 61 year old g-grandma and not very 'tool' savvy at all. When I found your product online I decided to give it a try after watching the video on how to install them. I had just remodeled the room I needed to use them in for my grandchildren and sure didn't realize that you would have to take out some sheetrock to install a new electrical box. The loose plugs were unsightly so I started researching how to repair them. That is when I came across your website. These should be sold in every hardware store! I will be telling everyone about them. I fixed 2 outlets in about 20 minutes and am thrilled with the results. If I can do it, anyone can! Thank you for making such a great product!
  • I recently had two stripped out electrical boxes and had no good solution for repairing them. Everything I would rig up would simply fail. I knew I had no choice but to pull out these boxes and replace them with new ones. Just the thought was very unpleasing. So I decided to do some research in slim hopes of finding anything that offered a better solution than ripping out the old boxes and replacing them with new. I eventually cam across these "G-Clips" and without hesitation I ordered a pack. They were inexpensive so worse case scenario if they didn't work, I'd be back where I started. Like many of the other reviewers, these things were a life saver. Took longer to pull them out of the package than to get them installed. And once you do, they really hold. These are simply ingenious. I now keep a few packs on hand inside my equipment trailer.
  • This product does exactly what it promises ..... only took 5 mins to install. Saved me having to demo old box out of wall and install a new one. Thank you ...... I would recommend always having these on hand!
  • This product saved the day for my broken gang box. Electrical outlet was loose due to screw threads not having anything to grasp onto. The g-clip was pretty easy to install, just requiring a bit of patience and some pressure to force the clip into place. It took maybe 5 minutes and was much easier than replacing the gang box. Originally thought just one clip was needed but found out both needed replaced. Very happy these clips came in a 10-pack.
  • I ordered 10 g-clips as a homeowner to repair a broken box and to have more on hand as needed. I just wanted to say that this product worked flawlessly and took no time at all to install. My light switch is now snug as a bug and I can't express how impressed I am with this product. Thanks for your innovative invention!
    Wesley, Benbrook TX
  • I just wanted to share my appreciation of your product, the G-clip. I am a rank amateur when it comes to electrical work, but one thing I do know how to do is replace a light switch—until I pulled out the old screw and the plastic holding it basically crumbled apart. This product saved me a call to the electrician to replace it. Great product, thank you.
    Evan, Maplewood NJ
  • Wanted to let you know I appreciate your product very much. It worked perfectly. The design allowed for the fact that the old box had to have a chunk with the broken old screw removed.
    John, Lorton VA
  • Worked like a charm - even on one that was substantially broken along the top. Brilliant and ingenious. Saved me a lot of time.
    David, Webster Grove MO
  • I just wanted to say thank you for creating this product. It worked great and saved me so much work. I also really appreciate your willingness to help and answer questions. Thank you again!
    Andy, Appleton WI
  • I got the G-Clips yesterday and installed them today. Totally Awesome Product!! I fixed 4 duplex receptacle boxes in my house in 20 minutes. It would have taken a whole day or more with the patching and painting that would likely have been required if the boxes had been replaced. A super fix. I will tell my friends and colleagues who are handy and will spread the word. Many thanks again for saving me a lot of time.
    Chris, Oregon WI
  • It took me all of five minutes, including fooling around with a couple screwdrivers to catch the lip of the box out from under the Formica edge, to catch into the G clip, then it took me longer to screw the 2 inch 6-32 screws in that it took to install the G clip. That receptacle is rock solid now!
    Donna, West Grove PA