Fixes stripped or damaged
plastic electrical boxes.

No Muss - No Fuss - No Walls to Bust
Use the G-Clip for quick and easy repair of stripped or damaged threads.
If you have a loose electrical switch or outlet, you probably have a damaged or stripped electrical box. Before replacing that damaged plastic box, try using the G-Clip. To install the G-Clip, press it onto the edge of the electrical box, over the damaged hole. The G-Clip provides a new threaded mounting point to reattach your switch or outlet.

The G-Clip can be installed by most homeowners or electricians in minutes, instead of taking hours to replace a damaged electrical box. It can be installed without damaging the drywall. It can also be used in multi-gang plastic boxes.
Features of the G-Clip:

Designed to work on plastic electrical boxes with a wall thickness of approximately .09 inches

How to Install the G-Clip:

Turn off power at the fuse box.

Check for NO power at the device and remove the cover.

Unthread the two screws.

Pull the device away from
the electrical box.

Center the G-Clip over
the damaged hole.

Push the G-Clip onto the box.

Use your finger or a screwdriver to press down on the G-Clip. Thread the screw into the G-Clip.

Install the second screw.
Attach the cover plate.

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Comments from Customers:
  • So I just tried your product this morning and all I can say is WOW! I am a 61 year old g-grandma and not very 'tool' savvy at all. When I found your product online I decided to give it a try after watching the video on how to install them. I had just remodeled the room I needed to use them in for my grandchildren and sure didn't realize that you would have to take out some sheetrock to install a new electrical box. The loose plugs were unsightly so I started researching how to repair them. That is when I came across your website. These should be sold in every hardware store! I will be telling everyone about them. I fixed 2 outlets in about 20 minutes and am thrilled with the results. If I can do it, anyone can! Thank you for making such a great product!

  • Wanted to let you know I appreciate your product very much. It worked perfectly. The design allowed for the fact that the old box had to have a chunk with the broken old screw removed.
    John, Lorton VA

  • This product saved the day for my broken gang box. Electrical outlet was loose due to screw threads not having anything to grasp onto. The g-clip was pretty easy to install, just requiring a bit of patience and some pressure to force the clip into place. It took maybe 5 minutes and was much easier than replacing the gang box. Originally thought just one clip was needed but found out both needed replaced. Very happy these clips came in a 10-pack.

The G-Clip was invented by Michael P. Walton. With over 40 years experience as an electrical contractor, Michael worked on and replaced countless damaged plastic electrical wall boxes. He experienced first-hand the many challenges an installer faces during the replacement process. While in retirement, Mike worked to invent and manufacture a time-saving device that can be used by electricians and do-it-yourself homeowners. His invention, the G-Clip, eliminates the need to replace a damaged plastic electrical wall box.
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